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Ant Control Athens GA

Athens Ant Control - Ants are not always a problem outdoors, but they can become quite bothersome when they invade our homes. They come indoors for shelter, food and water, and without proper ant control, they can stay for a long time. ASAP Pest Control is here to provide you with the dependable ant control Athens GA you need to get rid of those irritating insects.

We face many different types of ants throughout Athens, GA, but the predominant species of ant is the Argentine. These insects came to the United States from Brazil through the ports of New Orleans. They spread across the country but have a heavy population in our city. This small ant can have a number of queens and ranges in color from a gold/yellow to dark brown almost black. It usually eats sweets, but it can also feed on other food sources.

There are several forms of treatment for the Argentine ant. They exhibit a very sociable behavior, so bait products typically work best for controlling this species. If the colony is outside, a good non repellent product such as Termidor is a smart option. The exterminators at ASAP Pest Control use a combination of non-repellent products and baits that eliminate insects such as the Argentine ant. Using multiple forms of Athens ant control ensures your problem is handled correctly.

Another common insect found in Athens, GA is the fire ant. Fire ants can be a painful experience for many homeowners. Over and Out is a very economic form of ant control that works quite well on these insects. It can be purchased from any major store that carries home and garden products and can be applied according to the label for year-long ant control. Other products are available that offer fire ant control, however Over and Out is one of the most budget friendly treatments. Amdro is another useful solution, but it costs a little more. If you have problems with the dreaded fire ant, give ASAP a call and we can further discuss the details of your situation.   

For the ant control Athens GA you need, contact the pros at ASAP Pest Control. Our exterminators will find the source of the problem and eliminate it ridding your home of those nagging ants.

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