Rewarding Your Loyal Customers

In business, many avenues exist to advertise and help brand your business.  When it comes to advertising, business owners often think of the phone book, door to door sales, flyers, trade shows and direct mail as ways to promote their business.  Business owners often forget to reward the people who should be rewarded the most.

For several years, I worked for a man who did not believe in rewarding customers when one of the customers gave us a referral.  His thought process was that since we give our customers good service at a reasonable price, then they ought to refer us.  Repeatedly, we asked him to put some kind of referral program for our customers. When he finally gave in, it was a small token at best.

When seeking advice on a customer referral program, one marketing expert, whom we consulted with, suggested that we buy different $10 – $20 items that are said to be worth $50 – $100 from a discount place and give these away for the referrals.  He has enjoyed great success with this idea.  The problem we had with this idea was that we felt it was less than honest to reward our customers with an item where the said value was not the actual value. Our company places a great value on honesty and integrity.

We have learned that your customers can be your best source of advertising. Why not reward them for advertising your business?  When we started our own pest control business, we wanted to develop a program whereby our customers are well rewarded for helping us grow our business.  We began a Loyal Customer Referral Program.  For a termite referral a customer receives $50 off of their next service; additionally, the person referred receives $50 off of their service.

Our referral program for a pest control referral is one of the best in the nation!  We instituted a gradual scale whereby for up to four referrals our customer benefits more.  For every pest control referral, the person referred receives $20 off of the initial service.  The program works as follows for our customers: 1st referral – 25% off their next service, 2ndreferral – an additional 50% off of their next service, 3rd referral – an additional 75% off of their next service and the 4th referral they will receive a free service.

We want to reward our loyal customers by not only providing great service but also rewarding them for helping us grow our business.  We value every customer and desire to show our appreciation to them.

Look for our upcoming blog next month about current customers vs. perspective customers.

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