Social Insects: Baldfaced Hornets



The white or light yellowish markings on the face, thorax and part of the abdomen help to identify the baldfaced hornet.






Its nest look like a “bloated football” high off the ground in a tree or bush. Unusually there is a single entrance opening at the lower end of the nest.



Most social bees, wasps and hornets are beneficial and should not be controlled unless their nest and activities are close to humans and create hazard. For bees, wasps and hornets, apply an insecticide in the evening when they are at rest. With the wind at your back, aim the insecticide at nest openings in trees, bushes, under leaves, ground cracks and crevices in and around nest openings. Re-treatment may  be necessary. If possible, destroy the nest or seal the nest opening. Readily available insecticide include a variety of formulations of aerosols for quick knockdown and kill. Some aerosols produce a jet stream of up to 20 feet for operator safety and the ability to reach nests high off the ground.

When we came across the article “Stinging Pest of People” in the PCO Magazine revised by Elmer W. Gray, we felt that it had great information on the baldfaced hornet and should share it with our blog readers.

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